Marketing Support

Delivering assistance to the Client in their own marketing efforts.

Non-confidential marketing Flyer preparation/review

Starting from scratch or from the Clients draft text this will cover:

  • Review of the technical case to ensure all value elements are fully covered.
  • Drafting/redrafting the document to ensure a strong marketing pitch, not just a technical summary.
  • Formatting to ensure there is a clear statement of the opportunity, clear highlighting of key sales points and clear articulation of commercial terms etc.
  • Review with Client and further revision as required.

Information Memorandum (IM) preparation/review

Working closely with the Client to craft a strong compelling sales document:

  • Advice on layout, presentation style, content requirements.
  • Review of upside elements to ensure these are fully captured and articulated.
  • Drafting/redrafting to give a strong clear sales message.
  • Review with the Client and further revision as required.

Data Room preparation/review

To ensure a well structured and well run Data Room:

  • Commercial review of the data room contents – e.g. use of Client vs. Operator data.
  • Ensuring that all value elements in the IM are fully supported and easily identified in the data room.
  • Review with the Client and further revision as required.

Opportunity presentation

To ensure a well articulated sales story focusing on key value elements:

  • Preparing, reviewing, reformatting the opportunity presentation material into a strong marketing pitch.
  • Coaching the presentation team through the use of dry runs.
  • Developing a clear verbal sales message, identifying Client interfaces with buyers and ensuring all staff stay ‘on message’.