source link Commercial Framing Workshop

The purpose of a Framing workshop is to ensure an aligned understanding of the opportunity and robust commercial challenge, leading to an agreed recommendation on the commercial way forward.

The workshop typically comprises a ½ to 1 day workshop (plus preparation time) for key Client stakeholders, tailored to a specific deal.

Commercial Framing Elements

  • Confirming the Deal Team – roles, accountabilities and Governance.
  • Defining Success, identifying Key Drivers, agreeing Boundary Conditions and capturing Key Risks.
  • Identifying key stakeholders (internal and external), engagement planning and sequencing.
  • Reviewing possible deal structures (marketing / bid consideration choices), pros and cons.
  • Assessing the market environment and potential bidder groups or potential competitors.
  • Applying all of the above to develop a robust commercial strategy, deal timeline and assurance process.

Marketing Specific Elements

  • Understanding Data Room options (physical, electronic, both), their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying key roles and responsibilities.
  • Marketing – fully articulating the upside, selling the vision, defining the Customer Value Proposition, ensuring staff stay on message.
  • Guidance for preparation of the Flyer, Information Memorandum, Data Room presentation etc.
  • Data Room opening – legal and logistical issues
  • Bid timing issues.

Post-Bid Considerations

  • Commercial / legal interfaces.
  • Bid opening procedures, handling late bids.
  • Agreeing key terms.
  • Exchange, Completion issues.