Providing advice on all aspects of deal planning, though coaching, mentoring and facilitating Deal Framing workshops. Guiding clients to develop a robust commercial strategy, ensuring that the most appropriate tools and resources are employed from the start, thereby maximising ultimate deal value.



Offering hands-on support to those companies who wish to progress their own in-house marketing efforts, including guidance and assistance with Marketing Flyers, Information Memoranda, Data Room contents and presentational materials etc. Providing other such marketing support as may be required.


Working with the Client project manager, or as the deal project manager, to run the deal execution process for both acquisition and divestment projects, including running Data Rooms, leading data views, engaging with 3rd parties and negotiations through to completing the deal.


"Front-end Loading"

It can be very difficult to ensure value is maximised if a divestment does not get off to a good start. There could be confusion as to the desired outcome and potential customers may not fully understand the selling proposition.

Expert Assistance

Many Clients do not regularly make Divestments and may benefit from Technical and/or Commercial support from experienced experts. This support can range from advice, support to help manage brokers to leading deals.