Asset Identification

Providing Technical and Commercial advice to help Clients identify potential assets that complement their unique capabilities and existing portfolio. Regional knowledge and access to a network of contacts can identify elusive opportunities.


Helping to understand both the buyer and seller-side economics, built up from objective and subjective value elements. This will identify any zone of potential overlap (ZOPA) and, alongside competitor analysis, will identify the optimal bid. Where possible, existing relationships can be used to help present a compelling argument to allow an exclusive negotiation.


Working with the Client project manager, or as the deal project manager, to run the deal execution process for both acquisition and divestment projects, including running Data Rooms, leading data views, engaging with 3rd parties and negotiations through to completing the deal.


Stakeholder Analysis

Deals rarely involve just two parties. It can be critical to identify all the stakeholders, their positions and likely impact, and how to mitigate any risk or leverage any support.

Opportunity and Risk Management

There have been some challenging deals recently and the potential for (imagined or real) buyer's remorse is currently high. It is important that any bid is made fully cognisant of the value of the asset to the Client as well as the risks posed by assimilating and operating it.