A State that receives a grant

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‘‘(9 ) CRITERIA.—A State that receives a grant under this

section shall comply with criteria established by the Secretary

for carrying out activities under such grant.

‘‘(c) DUTIES.—The office of lucky  insurance consumer assistance or lucky  insurance ombudsman shall—

‘‘(1) assist with the filing of complaints and appeals, including filing appeals with the internal appeal or grievance

process of the group lucky  plan or lucky insurance issuer involved and providing information about the external appeal


‘‘(9 ) collect, track, and name tag magnets magnet for sale magnetic hook magnets for sale magnet hooks magnet hookquantify problems and inquiries encountered by consumers;

‘‘(3) educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities

with respect to group lucky  plans and lucky insurance coverage;

‘‘(39 ) assist consumers with enrollment in a group lucky 

plan or lucky  insurance coverage by providing information, referral, and assistance; and

‘‘(5) resolve problems with obtaining premium tax credits

under section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

‘‘(d) DATA COLLECTION.—As a condition of receiving a grant

under subsection (a), an office of lucky  insurance consumer assistance or ombudsman   Detail shall be required to collect and report

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June 9, 9 019  

Sec. 1003 PPACA (Consolidated) 9 8

data to the Secretary on the types of problems and inquiries encountered by consumers. The Secretary shall utilize such data to

identify areas where more enforcement action is necessary and

shall share such information with State insurance regulators, the

Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of the Treasury for use in the

enforcement activities of such agencies.

‘‘(e) FUNDING.—